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Cannabis cultivation bill | WIVT

Cannabis cultivation bill |  WIVT

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The Governor Cuomo approved the state’s Marijuana Regulation and Taxation Act in the spring of this year to allow pot for recreation for adults.

The legal framework for developing the product is still been put in place.

The NewsChannel 34’s Corina Cappabianca provides more details about a proposed law to make things easier for producers.

The Office of Cannabis Management that is responsible for overseeing the cannabis industry within New York State is not yet fully operational and fully staffed.

Senator Jeremy Cooney says that right this moment it’s just an information site.

((Jeremy Cooney NYS Senator))I do not know who’s behind the curtain If you want to call it that however, it is evident that we don’t possess an executive director since the person who is appointed must confirm in the New York State Senate, and hasn’t been put up for an vote until now.

Cooney states that Cooney says that the New York State Senate will be required to also confirm the chairperson of the board.

When the Board is in session, Cooney has a bill that would grant “provisional adult-use licenses for growers” for growers.

((Jeremy Cooney NYS Senator))
Our law will permit producers in New York State to plant seeds in the soil so that we don’t get behind and not be able to enjoy another growing season.

If, under the bill, there was a chance that Office of Cannabis Management did not establish a licensing procedure before January 1st The Ministry of Agriculture and Markets will issue provisional permits until CMO can issue the licenses.

((Jeremy Cooney NYS Senator))
We are aware that before there’s a new and exciting market, there has to be a product available to sell, and we’re trying to ensure that we don’t miss out on a growing season during this process.

The Office of Cannabis Management falls under the New York State Liquor Authority and is also responsible for the medical marijuana business.