Asia Pacific Islanders and Hawaiians find unity in new organization of civility

LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) — Besides Honolulu, Las Vegas has the largest population of Hawaiians and other Pacific Islanders and a new initiative is empowering and educating them to work together.

“Our Hawaiians, our Pacific Islanders, our natives, our Asian community and Hispanics too to step forward and help people in need,” said Stacen Makaiwi, member of the Las Vegas Hawaiian Civic Club and director of training for the new global civility initiative.

The goal is simply to connect the API community to talk about important issues ranging from Asian hate crimes to health and wellness.

“We want to create a conversation, especially across different generations, I’m 26, we have elders, we also want to create a conversation,” Makaiwi said.

The organization sets itself some pretty ambitious goals: “With the program we are creating, we are going to move forward and train our various ambassadors or round table within our community if people want to be heard, we have a safe space to do it,” Makaiwi said.

The organization’s goal is simple: “We bring civility to everyone, not just the people and businesses of Hawaii,” Makaiwi said.

In this month of September alone, he said there was still a lot to do. He remembers finding a community in the Hawaiian Civic Club of Las Vegas, Doreen Hall says the city feels like home to many native islanders.

“Through language our language is important…through music…through dance through hula the things we do in our culture are important we know historically and culturally Hawaiians at home include 8 islands main ones, our Kapunas remind us of it, but we call ourselves the ninth island because Vegas imitates Hawaii.

If you want more information about the organization or want to get involved, visit the Hawaiian Civic Club of Las Vegas Facebook page.

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