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HOW K STREET SEES INFRASTRUCTURE SPEAKS: Where do infrastructure negotiations take place between President Joe Biden and Senate Republicans are the head of the household? “In our opinion, it is only a matter of time before Democrats move on to reconciliation for infrastructure legislation,” Smith-Free Group wrote in a note to clients this week. “It could take a few days or a few weeks, but the bipartisan talks between the White House, the Senate GOP and various gangs of senators are doomed to failure: the differences between the two sides are just too great to be bridged. “

– When the House returns, “we expect the President to urge her committee chairs to quickly complete work on a budget resolution and other implementing legislation to have something to show for their efforts ahead of the date. self-imposed July 4th limit, ”the lobbying firm wrote. “The challenge for Democrats will of course be the timing. Can they pass a resolution and reconciliation bill through both houses before the August recess? Almost certainly not. So when will they want to be in the process before they leave town “and face their constituents in August?

FORTINET STRENGTHENS ITS PRESENCE IN WASHINGTON: Fortinet is stepping up its lobbying efforts in Washington. The cybersecurity company, which retained only one lobbying firm at the start of the year, has hired Subject in March and brought BGR Group and Salt Point Strategies last month, according to newly filed disclosures. Fortinet also retains Federal Councilors Efrus, which the company hired last year.

– Asked what drove the company’s hiring frenzy, Hugh carroll, Fortinet’s chief government officer, cited “recent attacks on critical infrastructure”. The FBI and the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency warned last month that the hackers were probably trying to attack the company’s VPNs. “With the increased attention given to the need to protect digital infrastructure and strengthen cybersecurity policy, Fortinet recognized the opportunity to share its established expertise in network security and we are delighted to be a resource. for decision makers at this important stage, ”Carroll said in a statement.

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FRIDAY FARA: The Supreme Court ruled in February that heirs to Jewish art dealers who claimed to have been forced to sell works of art in the 1930s for about a third of their value could not sue the German government in US courts. Last week, several lawyers Wiggin and Dana, who represented Germany in the case, registered late as foreign agents on behalf of the German government and a German consortium of museums and archives, the Stiftung Preussischer Kulturbesitz.

– Lawyers representing foreign governments in court are not required to register under the Foreign Agents Registration Act. But “some of Wiggin’s attorneys involved in the litigation occasionally engaged in communications with the news media in the United States (regarding the litigation) on behalf of the German government and the SPK,” the firm wrote in its recording. . “After a closer look at recent DOJ op-eds, Wiggin now understands that his media activity regarding the litigation – limited as it is – could be interpreted by the DOJ as recordable ‘political activity’, and Wiggin has therefore proceeded with its registration with great caution. “

David Laufman, a partner of Wiggin who previously oversaw the government’s application of FARA while working at the Justice Department, said the company had decided on its own to sign up for the work. “As noted in his filing with the Department of Justice, Wiggin registered on his own initiative, and not in response to a DOJ directive or a decision that he should register,” he said. stated in a press release.

THE FACEBOOK PAC IS STARTING TO GIVE AGAIN – BUT NOT TO REPUBLICS WHO VOTED AGAINST CERTIFICATION: Facebook is resumption of contributions through its political action committee, but will not give money to members of Congress who voted against certification of the 2020 US election, the company notified employees on Thursday. BuzzFeed News Ryan mac and Sarah mimms report.

– “In an internal advertisement, Brian rice, a public policy director for Facebook, said the move came after the Jan.6 uprising and a review of the company’s contribution policies. Five days after the Capitol was taken, Facebook said it would suspend all political donations for at least three months. “

– “As a result of our review, the FBPAC board of directors decided to take back contributions, but not to any member of Congress who voted against the certification of the 2020 election following the events on Capitol Hill. Jan. 6, ”Rice said in an internal memo obtained by BuzzFeed News. “While a contribution to a candidate does not mean that we agree with all the policies or positions a candidate may take, we believe this decision is appropriate given the unprecedented events of January.”

Meanwhile, in Florida: Two commercial groups, NetChoice and the Computer and Communications Industry Association, filed a lawsuit Thursday in “a federal court challenging a controversial bill that Gov. Ron DeSantis says aims to crack down on social media censorship – but opponents argue this is an unconstitutional violation of free speech, ” POLITICO FloridaMatt Dixon reports.

– “Americans around the world should oppose Florida’s attempt to circumvent the First Amendment rights of private businesses online,” said Carl Szabo, vice president and general counsel of NetChoice. “By weakening the First Amendment rights of some, Florida is weakening the First Amendment rights of all.” The bill requires social media companies to post concrete criteria they use to mislead users, and allows the Florida Elections Commission to impose fines of up to $ 250,000 on social media companies for having banned political candidates, among others.

Venable hired Tom perez, the old one National Democratic Committee president and labor secretary. It will be a partner working on “legal, legislative and regulatory issues in a wide range of fields”. He does not intend to register as a lobbyist, according to the firm.

GOP Winning Women (Reps. Young Kim, Michelle Steel, María Salazar, Ashley Hinson, Marianette Miller-Meeks, Nicole Maliotakis, Stephanie Bice, Nancy Mace, Beth Van Duyne and Jaime Herrera Beutler)
Ready for Battle Fund (Esther for Congress, Joy PAC)
Smiley Victory Fund (Smiley pour Washington Inc., Stronger Washington PAC, Washington State Republican Party)
Van Duyne Kim Victory Fund (representatives Beth Van Duyne and Young Kim)

America’s National Obesity Prevention (PAC)
New Mexico Freedom Fund (Leadership PAC: Rep. Yvette Herrell)
Principle Veterans Fund (PV Fund) (Super PAC)
The National Council for American Education (PAC)
VM 2024 Senate Republican Candidates Fund

Alston & Bird LLP: Supplier Partner Management Services, LLC
Armory Hill Advocates (formerly known as Rawlson Policy Group): Acadia Healthcare Inc.
Delta Development Group, Inc .: Bedford County Development Association
Reston Strategy Group, LLC: Astrobotic Technology, Inc.
Salt Point Strategies: Aurora Insight, Inc.
Salt Point Strategies: Fortinet, Inc.
Summit Strategies Government Affairs LLC: National Association of Development Organizations
The KPM DC LLC group: Acceleron Pharma
The KPM DC LLC group: Mannkind Corporation
The KPM DC LLC group: Orphazyme US, Inc.
The KPM DC LLC group: Pharmaessentia Corporation
The KPM DC LLC group: Sangamo Therapeutics, Inc

Baker & Hostetler LLP: Prime Time Commerce, LLC


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